Are you keen to explore telegram and looking for the list of best telegram channels link? Then you are at the right place and reading the perfect article. After reading this article, I am sure that you will no longer scavenge for ‘good channels’ from the internet! You will be self-reliant and be able to get the right channels, about your interest, very easily! Also, in this article, you will get the list of awesome telegram channels according to the categories.

Best Telegram Channels by

What are Telegram Channels?

Before diving deep in to list of channels and how to search again in the future, let’s talk about the what really are telegram channels and what is its importance.

Telegram channels are the backbone of telegram’s growing popularity. More than 500 Million active users have forced the content creators on various other popular platforms to make their presence and reach in telegram by making their own channels in telegram. Anyone can create telegram channel for broadcasting messages and get subscribers. This is also one of the main reasons why Telegram is getting popularity over Whatsapp.

Types of Telegram channel

There are 2 types of telegram channels:

  1. Public telegram channels
    • Easy to Make, Easy to search and Easy to join
  2. Private telegram channels
    • Easy to Make, Bit difficult to search, and requires invite link to join.

Don’t worry about how to find private channels. You will also get a list of best private telegram channels from this website. If you are the owner of a channel, then it is very easy to convert public channels to private and vice versa.

2 ways to join telegram channels

I know, I am getting a bit off-topic out of love towards telegram because you are here to find top telegram channels link. So I will not make you wait anymore and will share the list, which you are here for!

List of Top & Best telegram channels link – Category-wise Catalog

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Best Telegram Channel for Android apps / Cracked apps / modded apps

Channels of these category provides modded and cracked apps so that you don't have to buy the premium version of certain apps!

Top 3 Channels for Apps Category are...

  1. @PC_Android_Software
    • 157,000+ Subscribers
    • Best Modes and Cracked Android Apps, Softwares, Games
    • 77,000+ Subscribers
    • Provides premium apps directly through .apk files
  3. @WeAreModers
    • 15,000+ Subscribers
    • Land of modded and cracked apps

Best Telegram Channel for Arts

Top 3 Telegram channels for Arts are...

  1. @OddlySatisfying
    • 3600+ Subscribers
    • Images! Gifs! Videos! That Satisfies You!
  2. @AnimeArt
    • 5600+ Subscribers
    • Best telegram channel for anime art. Arts on your favorite anime.
  3. @CazyArt
    • 19,000+ Subscribers
    • World of art and creativity

Best Telegram Channel for Automobile

  1. @iDesigns
    • 2000+ Subscribers
    • Automotive Designs, Professional Designers around the world, Special Community for sharing designs and learning how to design.
  2. @CarsOfTheWorld
    • 8000+ Subscribers
    • Daily photos of cars from around the world!
  3. @Dsken
    • 1400+ Subscribers
    • Channel named 'DriveSpark' Provides latest updates and opinions on cars, motorbikes, auto tips along with auto industry-related news.

Best Telegram Channel for Books

  1. @BooksThief
    • 82000+ Subscribers
    • Handpicked books! Also they have posted the link of private channels of books in their channel
  2. @AudioBookClassic
    • 74000+ Subscribers
    • Best telegram channel for audiobook. Your favorite audiobooks at one place.
  3. @eBooksOnly
    • 45000+ Subscribers
    • It's An Exclusive Channel for Books, Magazines, Audios, Videos of Many Languages. A great Collection from Across the Globe.

Best Telegram Channel for Business

  1. @Finance_Time
    • 6300+ Subscribers
    • Breaking news on Cryptocurrency, Wall Street, Business policy Financial and Economic Issues, and more.
  2. @Startupsi
    • 8500+ Subscribers
    • Best telegram channel for Startup ideas. Curated app ideas for SaaS business, side projects, or just for fun. Useful materials to read.
  3. @TheBusinessHacks
    • 6000+ Subscribers
    • New to business-related stuff? Or want to advance? Join! Educational Business Content.

Best Telegram Channel for Cars

Best Telegram Channel for Celebrity

  1. @Hollywood
    • 24,000+ Subscribers
    • Actress Pics and Hollywood News Daily! Every post with actress name! Every post has HD pics.
  2. @IndianActress
    • 35,000+ Subscribers
    • Best telegram channel for Indian actress. A huge collection of pic of actress with names! (Shared this country-specific channel because a lot of people were asking about it.)
  3. @PeopleZone
    • 3000+ Subscribers
    • The #1 source for celebrity news and inspiring stories.

Best Telegram Channel for Cricket

  1. @r_cricket
    • 50+ Subscribers
    • The Best Telegram Channel for Cricket. Don't judge by number of subscribes. Because what this cricket telegram channel has to offer you is not been offered by any telegram channel.
  2. @Cricket
    • 21000+ Subscribers
    • The username itself says that it is a cricket channel in telegram. You can get Feeds and Updates about Cricket
  3. @CricRecap
    • 1400+ Subscribers
    • Videos, Images, Scores, Articles and much more regarding Cricket

Best Telegram Channel for Cryptocurrency

  1. @r_cryptocurrency
    • 145+ Subscribers
    • It is the top and best telegram channel for cryptocurrency. it is a kind of official source for CryptoCurrency News, Discussion & Analysis.
  2. @Cryptobitca
    • 33,000+ Subscribers
    • All hot news from the Crypto world, description of different ICO, valuable materials for profitable trading you can find on our channel!
  3. @CoinTelegraph
    • 66,000+ Subscribers
    • The top telegram channel that covers Fintech, Blockchain, and Bitcoin bringing you the latest news and analyses on the future of money.

Best Telegram Channel for Design

  1. @r_Designporn
    • 200+ Subscribers
    • Best telegram channel for design related things. It has High-quality images of interesting designs, including architectural, graphic, industrial, furniture & product design.
  2. @CreativeMotion
    • 18000+ Subscribers
    • Creative Design telegram channel which has the following things - Motion Graphic Design, Adobe inc., Cinema4D, Blender, RealFlow, Ux/Ui design
  3. @Graphics_designerr
    • 17000+ Subscribers
    • This channel for graphic designer, UI | UX and motion graphics

Best Telegram Channel for Education

  1. @Interesting_Knowledge
    • 37000+ Subscribers
    • Best Telegram channel for Facts with Source and valuable life pro tips.
  2. @Curiocity_Tea
    • 84000+ Subscribers
    • The educational telegram channel which provides simple answers to day to day life missed questions.
  3. @Awwducational
    • 25+ Subscribers
    • My favorite telegram channel which provides tops of information about animals

Best Telegram Channel for Engineering and Engineering Books

  1. @EngineersHub
    • 28000+ Subscribers
    • Telegram channel for engineering books and material. Get All Important Study material & References From UG, PG & Competitive Exams.
  2. @EngineeringDesigners
    • 3000+ Subscribers
    • Telegram channel for engineering design. They also have video tutorials.
  3. @IEofficial
    • 40000+ Subscribers
    • This Telegram channel has a cutting edge, leading community designed for all lovers of engineering, technology and science.

Best Telegram Channel for Entertainment

  1. @BeingLogical
    • 22000+ Subscribers
    • Top Telegram channel for Logical random thoughts which are more or less sarcastic and funny but serious at the same time!
  2. @r_Funny
    • 400+ Subscribers
    • Best funny telegram channel for entertainment. They have one of the largest collection of Funny media with over 7000+ post.
  3. @r_comics
    • 140+ Subscribers
    • Telegram channel related to print comics (comic books, graphic novels, and strips) and webcomics.

Best Telegram Channel for Fashion and Beauty

  1. @WomensLook
    • 14000+ Subscribers
    • A photography channel for fashion.
  2. @Reddit_Fashion
    • 10 Subscribers!!
    • Are you interested in fashion-related news? Then you can join this channel
  3. @Fashin_Design
    • 4000+ Subscribers
    • A nice telegram channel for fashion design.

Best Telegram Channel for Finance

  1. @Business_and_finance_News
    • 90000+ Subscribers
    • Finance telegram channel which provides the latest headlines for business news around the world.
  2. @News_Finance
    • 20000+ Subscribers
    • An allrounder financial telegram channel covering economic policy, business policy, financial news, economic issues, stock market data, local business, technology, Bloomberg, and more.
  3. @Finance_Time
    • 6000+ Subscriber
    • Breaking news on Cryptocurrency, Wall Street, Business policy Financial and Economic issues and more

Best Telegram Channel for Food and Cooking

  1. @fporn
    • 8000+ Subscribers
    • An all in one telegram channel related to food and cooking. It covers stuff such as Drinks, Salad, Sandwich, Seafood, Soup, Sweets, Pasta, Pizza, Meat, Vegan, Chinese Food, Greek Food, Japanese Food, Mexican food.
  2. @DailyFoodPorn
    • 270+ Subscribers
    • Are you interested in homemade food photography? Then this channel is surely for you. Already 36,000+ Quality food pics posted!!
  3. @Indian_Foods
    • Now, its again the most requested channel because who doesn't love variety of spicy food. So if you are looking for Telegram channel related to Indian food and recipe, here you go!

Best Telegram Channel for Games

  1. @NewGames
    • 4000+ Subscribers
    • A channel for the Best new games for both ios and Android.
  2. @iNetworkGames
    • 59,000+ Subscribers
    • Download Android & Computer Games For Free, Hacked & Patched, Cracked!
  3. @PSP_Games_2143
    • 21,000+ Subscribers
    • The best telegram channel for PSP Games. Here you will find PSP GAMES to play on PPSSPP.

Best Telegram Channel for Health

  1. @MedicalTalks101
    • 21000+ Subscribers
    • A medical channel where you can ask to get free medical advice and knowledge about a healthy lifestyle.
  2. @BBC_Lifestyle
    • 6000+ Subscribers
    • The channel provides five programming strands: Food, Health, Parenting, Life Advises and Personal Development
  3. @HealthyWorlds
    • 4000+ Subscribers
    • This the health-related telegram channel with tons of valuable information regarding health.

Best Telegram Channel for Jobs and Career

  1. @Freelancer
    • 10,000+ Subscribers
    • Mute this channel if you are planning for joining it because it has tons and tons of freelancing job notification throughout the day. You can search your keywords in the channel.
  2. @sgCareers (For Country - Singapore)
    • 21,000+ Subscribers
    • Best telegram channel for career and job opportunities in Singapore. They connect Career Seekers to Employers, instantly for Full-time / Contract / Permanent Positions / Project-Based Positions.
  3. @GovtJobsAlert (For Country - India)
    • 82,000+ Subscribers
    • Join India's Best Job Alert Telegram Channel. In this channel, you will get Free Job Alert for Top Central Government Jobs, State Government Jobs, Engineering Jobs, PSU Jobs, Bank Jobs, Defence & Police Job Alert
  4. @RemoteJobss
    • 30,000+ Subscribers
    • Are you looking for online jobs? This telegram channel can help you find some jobs for you.

Best Telegram Channel for Learing English

Best Telegram Channel for Movies & TV Series

Best Telegram Channel for Music

Best Telegram Channel for News

Best Telegram Channel for Offers & Deals

Best Telegram Channel for Quotes and Thoughts

Best Telegram Channel for Science

Best Telegram Channel for Softwares

Best Telegram Channel for Sports

Best Telegram Channel for technology

Best Telegram Channel for UPSC