Best Telegram Groups to join in 2021

Are you keen to explore telegram and looking for the list of best telegram groups link to chat with strangers and make new friends over the globe in telegram? Then you are at the right place and reading the perfect article. In this article, you will get the list of awesome telegram groups according to the categories.

Key features of Telegram Groups

  • Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram groups can have up to 200,000 members. (You can check: how Telegram is different from WhatsApp?)
  • You can edit your message after sending or you can delete your entire message. This can save you from embarrassment in front of a group of people.
  • Replies, mentions, Hashtags – You can easily trace a conversation and keep chat efficient, no matter the size of the group.
  • Smart Notification – You can mute the group to only get a notification when someone mentions you or reply to your message.
  • Share files up to 2 GB in size!
  • To manage groups there are various moderation tools provided by Telegram

Types of Telegram Groups

There are 2 types of Telegram Groups:

  1. Public telegram Groups
    • Easy to make
    • Easy to Search in Telegram by their Username (also we have a huge list of telegram group invite links below in this article.
    • Easy to join (No requirement of invite link to join)
  2. Private Telegram Channels
    • Easy to make
    • Don’t appear in Telegram’s Search results (i.e. bit difficult to search)
    • It requires invite link to join Private Telegram Groups

List of Top & Best Telegram Groups Link – Catagory-wise catalog

Best Telegram Group related to Animals

  • @rfurry
    • 2500+ Members
    • An Official Telegram Chat for r/Furry Subreddit. Members who are interested to join are requested to keep this chat SAFE FOR WORK!
  • @catchat
    • 300+ Members
    • Cat-themed room, but all cute animals are welcome for posting.
  • @pupperchat
    • 100+ Members
    • The Doggo Chat! Share your love and experience related to dogs in this telegram group related to dogs.

Best Telegram Group for Arts and Photography

  • Mi Photography Club (Private Group)
    • 2000+ Members
    • This Photography Group is for All Mi Fans using Xiaomi Devices; a Group where you can find skilled smartphone photographers and explore the capability of your Xiaomi smartphones and your photography skills.
  • @PocoPhonePhotography
    • 14,000+ Members
    • A group for POCOPHONE Photography. Camera-related talks.
  • @redditphotography
    • 800+ Members
    • A Telegram group especially related to Photography.

Best Telegram Group for Business

  • @InnovateAndShare
    • 5000+ Members
    • This Telegram group is for Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Business, to grow themselves as well as their nations.
  • @EntrepreneurialJourney
    • 16,000+ Members
    • A very big community on Telegram for entrepreneurs, startup, and business.
  • @wealthy_affiliate
    • 3000+ Members
    • The Telegram group for Affiliate Training. know to build an incredibly successful business by referring others to Wealthy Affiliate.
  • @Be_A_BA
    • A platform as a Telegram group to learn Business Analysis as a career and get better at it

Best Telegram Group for Cryptocurrency

  • @icolisting
    • 40,000+ Members
    • You can list your ICO project and share all the benefits with investors. Group members will create an Amazing Hype around your Project, and will discuss it.
  • @whalepoolbtc
    • 15,000+ Members
    • A group where you can Interact with traders worldwide.
  • @binanceexchange
    • 115,000+ Members
    • Official Binance Exchange Telegram chat group. You can Join to discuss about coins on Binance.

Best Telegram Group for Engineering

  • @SocietyofEngineer
    • 5200+ Members'
    • They are Asian specially INDIAN Engineering Inspectors and practitioners from all sectors.
  • Engineering_EBooks
    • 6700+ Members
    • A group for Engineering discussion. You can share and forward All Engineering branches E-Books
  • Automobile_Engineer
    • 3000+ members
    • A telegram group for Automobile Engineering related stuff. Members here share and forward Automobile Engineering E-Books

Best Telegram Group for Education

  • @WritersClub
    • 6000+ Members
    • Best telegram groups for writers. A telegram community where Writers Help Writers!
  • @scienceQuiz
    • 300+ Members
    • A group for science Quiz for educational purposes
    • 12,000+ Members
    • A Place For Learners. Members of this Telegram group Share Courses and Help Everyone!
  • @Print3D_Group
    • 2000+ Members
    • This Telegram Group is to talk about anything around 3D printing and 3D printers.

Best Telegram Group for Dating

  • @PerfectMateMatch
    • 4300+ Members
    • A Telegram group for matchmaking professional singles.
  • @NewFriendChat
    • 9000+ Members
    • The group in Telegram for making new friends around the globe.
  • @Dating_Chat_Girls
    • 12,000+ Members
    • Dating Telegram group where you can only chat in English. Experience Dating through Telegram! Also in the description of this group, there are like more Dating groups.

Best Telegram Group for Finance

  • @finance_chat
    • 10,000+ Members
    • The group in Telegram to discuss Breaking news on Cryptocurrency, Wall Street, Economic policy, Business policy Financial and Economic Issues, and more.
  • @BankingandFinance
    • 1500+ Members
    • Group for Financial instruments trade and banking instruments related information and networking in Telegram.
  • Fundamental Scorecard (Private Group)
    • 2500+ Members
    • Telegram group for By investors, for investors!

Best Telegram Group for Food & Health

  • @YogaLearners
    • 3500+ Members
    • It is a proven fact that yoga is good for health. Telegram also has a group for Yoga learners. Yoga enthusiastic can join it!
  • @DepressionAndAnxiety
    • 2000+ Members
    • Talk about your depression and anxiety in this telegram group with kind and helping members around the world. By curbing your Depression and Anxiety many health problems can be resolved.
  • @BistroTelegramma
    • 100+ Members
    • In this Telegram group, people Share their best meals and culinary skills!

Best Telegram Group for Fun Chat

  • @english_friends_chatting
    • 18,000+ Members
    • Chat, Learn, and Share your knowledge with group members!
  • @NewFriendChat
    • 9000+ Members
    • Make Friends from different countries in this Telegram group and discuss traditions and invite your buddies to have some chit chat!
  • @ChatterBoxEnglish
    • 5200+ Members
    • Telegram group for random chatting with strangers and having fun!
  • @English_chatting_club
    • 26,000+ Members
    • This is one of the best groups for meeting new people from different countries and cultures. you can make new friends and have fun communicating in English.

Best Telegram Group for Games & Apps

  • @Pc_Game_Down_Support
    • 30,000+ Members
    • Are you interested in discussions related to PC Games? This is probably the best support group in telegram for PC Games
  • @inLineGamers
    • 800+ Members
    • Group for telegram inline game players. here you can play inline Telegram games with other people!
  • @prospectorsgame
    • 2800+ Members
    • A telegram group for Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy game.

Best Telegram Group of India

  • @startups_of_india
    • 1500+ Members
    • An Indian Telegram Community of budding entrepreneurs to bounce ideas, network and meet like-minded people
  • @Hindi_Chatting
    • 2000+ Members
    • A random chatting Telegram group to chat in Hindi and make new Indian friends.
  • @Jobs_Recruiters
    • 7000+ Members
    • A group for Job Seekers, Consultants, Recruiters, HR in Telegram

Best Telegram Group for Jobs and Freelancing

  • @freelancers_int
    • 12,000+ Members
    • A telegram group for freelancers who are looking for work through Telegram.
  • @OfficeBasedJobsLondon
    • 3000+ Members
    • Jobs are posted in this Telegram group. You can post jobs if it is real, and relevant to the location this group belongs to.
  • @ReferredJobs
    • A Group for fresher Job seekers who are interested in Referral Jobs, Software Jobs, HR Jobs, etc.

Best Telegram Group for Learning Language (English)

  • @The_englishclub
    • 20,000+ Members
    • This group is open to anyone who wants to practice English in Telegram. They have a separate Telegram group for English speaking practice. - @englishclub_talk
  • English with Masters (Private Group)
    • 13,000+ Members
    • Groom your 'English with Masters' in Telegram. Join this group to learn English
  • @Advancedchat
    • 6500+ Members
    • Group for topic wise discussion to learn advanced English through Telegram
  • @FriendlyENG
    • 2500+ Members
    • Native English Chat is a Worldwide Telegram chat group for English people. Join the Best English Chat group and channel of Telegram to learn English.

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